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Rebalance Your Gut, Weight and Hormones


Ready to be part of a vibrant community that's going to support your health, energy and educate you to improve your health naturally.

My new Health membership is designed to get your health questions answered and support your health goals and my 3 step guide will take you from exhausted to energized, educating you on what to eat and why. 

Does this sound like you?


  • Exhausted by endless dieting?
  • Struggling to achieve your desired weight loss? 
  • Confused about what to eat?
  • Struggling with hormonal issues?
  • Bloating and persistent gut issues?
  • Feeling tired every day and lacking motivation?

A group membership that improves your health with expert guidance



  • Ingrain healthy habits that you will keep for life.
  • Get your questions answered in a private facebook group within a community of like minded people.
  • I’ve created a unique place where I can help even more people just like you get to the root cause of their health problems.
  • Learning about what different symptoms could mean in your body
  • Guest master classes with experts across health and wellness
  • Live master classes and Q and A’s with Sophie
  • Access to the best recipes to support your health goals.

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Sophie Wedlock-Smith, Founder & Director

SW Nutrition