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I am passionate about creating positive change in people's lives. I know how powerful and astounding our bodies are when given the right foods. I want everyone to transform their lives through excellent health and well-being.

Reinvent and vary your diet and the food you eat will fuel your body and mind, prevent dietary boredom and improve your health. As a nutritionist, I practice what I preach and feel that my diet has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals.

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Sophie's Kitchen

Aug 16, 2018

Strawberry and Mint Iced Yogurts

These are made with coconut yoghurt & are quick & easy to make with ...
Apr 23, 2018

Rye Chocolate Brownies

  Tasty & easy to make. Ingredients                                        (Makes 12) 150grams butter 150 grams dark ...
Mar 23, 2018

Easy Cider Roasted vegetables – vegan and gluten Free

This is such a simple & healthy recipe that anyone can make. Ingredients 1 ...

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